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How soon can I expect my 3D model?
Our delivery time is 8 working days, plus shipping. The delivery period is extended by 2-3 working days for black models.

Which data formats do you accept?
Our online calculator only accepts .stl files. For other formats (e.g. .stp), simply send us a request by e-mail.

What is the maximum model size that you are able to print?
The maximum dimensions the printer can handle are 7.48" x 7.87" x 12.59" (190 mm x 200 mm x 320 mm).

What is the minimum thickness that I should use to keep my model strong?
The minimum thickness should not be under 0.7 mm.

What finishing process possibilities do I have?
The model can be sanded, drilled, cut and galvanized.

My 3D model is too big for your printer, what can I do?
Please send us an enquiry for larger models.

What is the maximum file size that I can upload?
The maximum file size that our online calculator can handle is 20 MB.

What resolution does your printer have?
Our printer has a layer thickness of 0.0023” (0.06 mm).

What is the minimum gap between movable parts?
The gap should not be under 0.5 mm.

What colours do you offer?
We currently offer black and white. Other colours available on request.