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3D printing allows you to construct a complete three-dimensional object in a single step without using tools or moulded parts.

The complexity of the task does not matter as even internal parts can be produced quite easily, making it possible to print almost any design in 3D.

Selective laser sintering, the technique that we are currently using, has certain advantages over other methods, such as being very precise and able to produce stable and durable models.

The powdery material is applied in layers and solidified with a laser. The technique is ideal for prototypes and for very short runs.

During the design phase, however, attention must be paid to ensure that the construction is optimised for problem-free printing with a 3D printer.

Advisory service
For this reason we are happy to answer questions, e.g. regarding component positioning, tolerance measurements, or materials, and of course take care to ensure that your 3D model is printed in the best quality.

The standard material we use, PA 2200, has good chemical resistance and minimum deformability.

It also features:
• high degree of long-term stability
• good selectivity resolution and accuracy
• bio-compatibility in accordance with EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121 °C  
• certified for contact with food according to the EU plastics directive 2002/72/EC (excl.: high alcohol-content stimulants)

Materials on request
You can request a calculation for the following materials under the "Quote" category:

PA2210 FR
Stainless steel

We will send you a quote as soon as possible!

As post-processing options we can offer you painting, lacquering, vibratory grinding, metal plating and impregnation.

If you have any questions about these techniques, please do not hesitate to contact us.