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BETA-PROTOTYPES specific resources:

Of interest:

3D models on the Internet:

There are numerous 3D model databases available online. Please be aware, though, that most of these 3D models are made for rendering, not 3D printing, and may therefore be unsuitable for use in that regard. Please always ensure your model is printable before you buy.
  • - Commercial database of tested 3D models
  • Thingiverse - Open source 3D model database, very active with new models appearing hourly

Free 3D modelling software:

If you're up for the challenge or already have the skills, try your hand at making your own 3D models. These free tools can help you do just that!

Commercial 3D modelling software:

If you are a professional or have some extra cash to hand, try any of these commercial 3D modelling programs for the best results.